“IEO is by far the most professional online option for my continuing education requirements!”

Alessandra Corazza, Certified Legal and medical Interpreter


“My certification expired on August 20, 2012 and because of a hectic schedule I was unable to take the continuing education courses offered throughout the year for renewal of my certification. As I desperately looked for courses in order to complete the State of Florida certification requirements, I found out that IEO offered these courses and they could be taken from the comfort of your home. I immediately signed up and it was a great experience. The courses provide a wealth of information pertinent to court interpreting and the work we do on a daily basis. They also furnish the interpreter with important glossaries and terminology as well as definitions. It was an overall great experience and the staff was extremely helpful and polite. I would recommend these courses to aspiring interpreters as well as those seeking to fulfill the continuing education requirements.”

Joelle Haspil, Certified Court Interpreter, Spanish, French and Haitian Creole


“Many thanks to you. You and your organization have been a dream to work with. Very professional and attentive. The courses are extremely interesting, valuable, and challenging.”

Ann S., RID-certified interpreter


“Our company uses these glossaries to help linguists broaden their vocabulary during interpretation training. It is nice to have glossaries for specific fields available, it is very difficult to find linguistic resources such as these.”

Brian T., Printed materials


“I think these courses are a great way to learn new vocab and interpreting skills from the convenience of your computer. I received impeccable customer service and support with my questions and I loved getting my continuing education hours taken care of this way.”

Rachel W., Certified Court Interpreter, Spanish


“I took the  courses for State-of-Florida Certification renewal. I selected the Consecutive Interpretation and Sight Translation for Legal Interpreters.  These courses are excellent for self-study. In my opinion, they are comprehensive of all major aspects. Each contains an overview of principles of interpretation which are mainly applicable to the judicial mode, but content of the non-judicial mode, such as conference interpretation, is also covered. Both the sight translation exercises and the consecutive interpretation practices were challenging and conducive to learning of new vocabulary. The consecutive interpretation contained many instances of long answers by the witness, putting the examinee through his/her paces as the exercise is performed.

The Course Administrator was easy to work with, and he cooperated fully in the registration and other processes. I recommend these courses for every interpreter needing further training or requiring continuing ed for renewal of certification in his/her state.”

Anthony Rivas, Certified Court Interpreter,  ST Techniques and CI Techniques 


” This is a must have training guide for every court interpreter for a few reasons: first of all, it’s not only a Legal glossary, although it contains one of the most comprehensive Arabic legal glossaries I have ever seen, but because it explains the whole legal process of which any professional legal interpreter should be aware of, starting from the Role of Legal interpreter, the skills that are needed for such job, the code of ethics. Then it takes you to an overview of legal systems: Criminal and civil Justice systems, overviews the immigration justice system, and there is a full chapter of how to get ready for an assignment, interpreting in a deposition, how to improve your skills and dealing with cultural issues and problematic situations, an explanation for legal documents you will be dealing with, and a lot more. And it really doesn’t end with the legal glossary, but there is a full chapter of the phrases that are used in the court room translated professionally to Arabic.

If I want to keep going, one page wont be enough to give this guide its worth. This is the most comprehensive Arabic legal guide I have ever seen.”

Raad Y., Legal Interpreter Training Guide – Arabic


“I managed to upload my class certificates in the CCHI system for my certificate renewal application. Thanks to your patience and help during all of these classes I have now been able to turn everything in to renew my interpreter certificate. So, here is a sincere thank you for helping me with the process, for responding promptly to so many questions, and for all your patience.”

Robin Reid, The Respiratory & Musculoskeletal System, Spanish


“I have taken some of these courses before to fulfill my continuing education requirements. I found the courses to be very accessible and convenient for working interpreters. The courses are also quite comprehensive in their topics. I was so impressed with the previous course that I decided to take more classes. The course was informational and educational and I learned a lot. I will use what I learned the next time I do CI.”

Mireille C. – Note-taking Techniques for Court Interpreters


“The webinar was truly the most informative one I have seen. Please congratulate Ms. Lobo for an excellent presentation which  I’m sure will keep me busy for the foreseeable  future!”

Julia Sachs – Interpreter Self-Assessment


“I am SO glad I found you guys during my last cycle for RID (SC:Legal) maintenance. I found your workshops amazingly thorough, and have recommended them to everyone I encounter. I will be starting my next cycle CEUs soon, and – to quote that song – “I only have eyes for you!” (smile). Glad that the State of California is now allowing interpreters to count your workshops – both instructor-led and non-instructor-led – for CEU maintenance.”

Mark Crossley


“This was one of the most useful CE courses I have ever done.”

Geerhard U. Bugel – Intellectual Property Law


“I found both classes very informative and useful for my job as a court interpreter. The instructor’s personalized feedback was extremely valuable as well. The course support / administrator was always available, prompt, and helpful. Very good experience overall.”

Petra T. Types of Motions and Traffic and Vehicular Accidents 


“Thanks for putting the informative and engaging course online! I look forward to taking many classes with IEO – this has been some of the most relevant study material that I’ve come across in the world of interpreters’ continuing education. I love a CE course where I actually *learn* things!”

Dena Bugel-Shunra Intellectual Property Law


“Thank you very much for sending me the certificate of completion so promptly. Also, I would like to share with you that I found your Interpreting in Immigration Settings to be extremely informative with very didactic and useful materials!”

Liliane Dan, English-Portuguese – Interpreting in Immigration Settings