Controlled Substances

You’re asked to interpret for a defendant who has been accused of selling marijuana. Are you familiar and up to date with all the drug slang and jargon you could possibly encounter in this case? Do you know what the equivalent term for “cannabis” is in your specific language? This course offers an in-depth look into concepts and terminology that interpreters encounter while interpreting drug-related offenses. It also provides an extensive resource section and comprehensive glossary. If taking the course with instructor evaluation, students must submit 1 interpretation exercise and 1 glossary in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Length of access: 2 weeks

Controlled Substances

(with instructor evaluation) - $189.00

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Controlled Substances

(without instructor evaluation) - $109.00

Feedback from interpreters who took this course:

“I thought the whole course was easily manageable and very well laid out. The software worked great and it was very beneficial to me.” - Phillip B .