Preparatory Course for the Written Exam

This course prepares those who are taking the written portion of the certification exam for court interpreters. This course covers the following areas:

• English Language Proficiency
• Court-related terms and usage
• Ethics and Professional Conduct (optional)

The English Proficiency portion of the course consists of six tests with over 600 questions that test a student’s general knowledge of the English language. For court terminology, students will have access to 15 legal glossaries with over 1,000 legal terms and definitions. In the Ethics section, students will learn about the standards that guide the performance of professional court interpreters. This portion also includes video vignettes illustrating correct interpretation of ethical canons as well as quizzes that measure a student’s knowledge of ethical behavior and professional conduct.

Length of access: 2 weeks without Ethics, 4 weeks with Ethics

Preparatory Course for the Written Legal Exam

$389.00 - with Ethics

Preparatory Course for the Written Legal Exam

$249.00 - without Ethics