SI Techniques for Medical Interpreters

How confident are you in your ability to interpret medical terminology at the same time someone else is speaking? Can you do so at 120 words per minute? How about 135? In this unit, you will learn valuable theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills necessary for a competent simultaneous interpreter working in healthcare. A larger portion of this course is dedicated to skill-building exercises. If taking the course with instructor evaluation, students must submit 2 interpretation exercises in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Length of access: 2 weeks

SI Techniques for Medical Interpreters

(with instructor evaluation) - $249.00

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SI Techniques for Medical Interpreters

(without instructor evaluation) - $169.00

Feedback from interpreters who took this course:

“Simultaneous Mode needs every day practice. If you go abroad to visit your family for a month and during that time do not speak a word of English, when you are back you feel that you almost have to fight to speak with the fluency you had before your trip. Same happens to me when I do not practice Simultaneous daily. So for me it was a matter of getting used to the idea that I have to dedicate at least 15 minutes per day to doing it.

IEO provided me with a set of texts, so all I had to do was practice, practice, practice. It also taught me that I need to work on the speed of my rendition, trying to maintain it at 160-180 words per minute. I received another comment from IEO: my rendition was too monotonous. So I keep practicing even after I am done with the class.

I got to work with their wonderful team members. They did all they could to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. I want to thank you for what you are doing: I honestly think that these classes could be the only practical and affordable way for practicing and actually improving the Interpretation skills.”

Victoria Welles, English/Russian