Stress and Test-Taking

Date: February 21, 1 PM EST-2 PM EST

Presenter: Eliana Lobo

This webinar will present training and self-assessment techniques for interpreters to better be able to handle stress while sitting for certification tests and knowledge-based exams.

Attendees will learn about the physiological effects of stress and how to manage its effects on their test-taking performance.  Self-calming techniques and proactive strategies designed to minimize anticipatory stress will be discussed.

In addition, interpreting skill drills that challenge different parts of the brain simultaneously, and thereby simulate added stress, will be shared so that interpreters can develop the additional mechanical skills they need to handle their stress while interpreting.

If practiced diligently prior to test-taking, these drills do indeed make the test-taking experience easier to live through while enhancing the test-taker’s performance. Practicing these drills and utilizing these strategies will make for a far better test-taking performance and end result.

This webinar is approved for 1 CE hour with CCHI and .1 RID CEU, as well as for court interpreting CEUs in MI, KY, NC, NE, NM, TN, MO and WA. Cost: $30.

About the presenter: Eliana Lobo is a Portuguese court and healthcare interpreter, Spanish/Portuguese translation supervisor, medical trauma center interpreter services Supervisor and Certified Medical Interpreter Trainer. Eliana earned two M.A.s from Brown University: Bilingual Education, and Portuguese & Brazilian Studies. She’s a nationally certified CoreCHI-Portuguese, and a former Fulbright Grantee. Since 2013, via the NCIHC’s “Home for Trainers” webinar workgroup, she has helped create and host over 30 national webinars on effective medical interpreter training.