Vocabulary-Building Resources and Techniques for Court Interpreters

June 6, 1 PM-2PM ET

Presenter: Ernest Niño-Murcia
Researching and cataloging new vocabulary is a key skill for interpreters and translators alike. But where can you research new, unfamiliar terms? How should you organize all of these words to avoid becoming overwhelmed? And what are some techniques for reviewing new terms to help cement them in your working vocabulary? In this presentation, the speaker will share some resources and techniques he has acquired, for use in preparing for certification exams or simply for ongoing professional development. Cost: $30.

About the presenter: Ernest Niño-Murcia is a freelance legal interpreter and translator based in Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated from Brown  University with a B.A. in Anthro-Linguistics. As a state and federally-certified court interpreter, he has interpreted legal proceedings and prepared translations, transcriptions and expert witness reports/testimony for clients in the private and public sectors. Outside of court, he has interpreted for public figures such as House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Archbishop  Timothy  Dolan,  Governor  George Pataki  and  Senator Bernie Sanders. He has presented to groups of attorneys, judges and court reporters about court interpreter issues.  Additionally, Ernest is a member of the NAJIT Board of Directors, chairing the Bench and Bar Committee. This webinar is approved for 0.1 RID CEU point and 1 Utah CE hour.


An International Perspective – Family Law Terminology for Translators

July 11, 1 PM-2PM EDT

Presenter: Canadian lawyer-linguist Suzanne Deliscar

This workshop is the first step in understanding family law terminology. It is designed for linguists who are beginning to work in the legal specialty. At the end of this webinar attendees will have increased knowledge with regard to legal structures and specific family law terminology found in various legal settings. This webinar is approved for 1 CEU with Utah, Colorado, Texas, and Oregon. Cost: $30.


Immigration 101: An Interpreter’s Perspective

August 22, 1 PM-2PM EDT

Presenter: Francesca Samuel

This presentation includes a review of the role of EOIR (Executive Office of Immigration Review), background, the differences or similarities of standard legal terminology vs. immigration jargon as well as court protocol and ethics, which differs from other court circuits. The session also provides information regarding the preparation and translation of documents for purposes of immigration and interpreting during proceedings.
All participants receive monolingual and bilingual (Spa<>Eng) glossaries of terms associated with immigration as well as a list of the definitions of the different sections of the law. This webinar is approved for 1 CEU with Utah, Colorado, Texas, and Oregon, and 1.2 CEU with Florida. Cost: $30.


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The Interpreter’s Elusive Quest to Maintain Register

Register is an essential component of the speaker’s message. Interpreters are tasked with maintaining the register to achieve equivalence of meaning between the original and target messages. Yet, is it always possible? And is it always necessary? Presented by Natalya Mytareva, this webinar is approved for 1 CCHI CE and 0.1 RID CE hour. IMIA accepts CCHI instructional hours. Cost: $25.


Five National Quality Measures for Language Services in Healthcare

This workshop showcases the work of ten hospitals across the country, who worked together for over a year as the National Languages Services Network to improve language services in hospitals. Presented by Dr. Izabel Souza, this webinar is approved for 1 ATA, 1 CCHI and 0.1 RID CEU point. Cost: $30.


Choosing the Right Path: Advanced Ethical Decision-Making for Interpreters

This advanced-level interactive workshop explores up to six real-life hospital interpreted encounters. Each case study will present an ethical dilemma, conflicting ethical tenets, or the need to make a difficult decision. Is there always a clear path? Presented by TAHIT President Manuel Higginbotham, this webinar is approved for 1 CCHI CE hour and 0.1 RID CE hour. Cost: $25.


Pharmacology: terminology, side effects and adherence

Learning Objectives: a) Familiarize interpreters with most common pharmacology vocabulary; b) The most frequent side effects discussed in clinic and hospital settings; and c) How to address and discuss issues of adherence: is the patient really taking the medications, and if not, what are the reasons for that. Presented by Elena B. Rivera-Patton, MD. This webinar is approved for 1 CCHI CE hour and .1 RID CEU. Cost: $35.


2016 & Beyond – Last Year’s Big Legal Developments And What The Future Holds

Presented by Bruce Adelson, Esq. This webinar is approved for 1 CE hour from CCHI and 0.1 RID CEUs. Cost: $45.


Interpreters on the Witness Stand – How a 2016 Court Case Could Change Language Services

Learn more about the liability and responsibility of sign and spoken language interpreters and language services providers. Presented by Bruce Adelson, Esq. This webinar is approved for 1 CE hour from CCHI and 0.1 RID CEUs. Cost: $45.


What You Need to Succeed as a Remote Interpreter

This workshop reviews remote interpreting from two perspectives: hospital administrators’ and working interpreter’s. Presented by Eliana Lobo. This webinar is approved by CCHI for 1 CE hour. Cost: $25.


Gloss Up Glossaries

Teaching interpreters to create bilingual glossaries accomplishes several goals, including developing their critical thinking abilities and terminology research skills as well as improving their understanding of equivalency of meaning. We discuss how to incorporate creation of glossaries into interpreter training. Presented by Natalya Mytareva. This webinar is approved by ATA for 1.5 points and by CCHI for 1.5 instructional hours. Cost: $35


Interpreting Culture in Healthcare

This evidence-based workshop will showcase the results of an international doctoral study at Osaka University. It explores the perspectives of 468 interpreter practitioners from 25 different countries, with respect to bridging the cultural gap between providers and patients. Presented by Izabel Souza. This webinar was approved for .2 IMIA CEUs. Cost: $35


Interpreter Standards of Conduct and the Law

Learn about surprising contradictions between interpreter communication transparency and federal law. Presented by Bruce Adelson. This webinar is CCHI-approved for 1 CE hour. Cost: $45


Vicarious Trauma

Many interpreters do not realize that they can be severely affected by Vicarious Trauma. We discussed what VT is, and examined the ways to cope and overcome it. Presented by Eliana Lobo. This webinar is CCHI-approved for 1 CE hour. Cost: $35


Interpreter Self-Assessment of Skills

This workshop by Eliana Lobo is for both novice and experienced interpreters to learn how to self-assess their own skills, and how to design skills and drills practice to improve weak areas. This webinar is CCHI-approved for 1 CE hour. Cost: $45


Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Medical Interpreters

This webinar by Linda Golley was produced in consultation with the Infection Control specialists in several major Seattle hospitals and is approved by ATA and CCHI for 1.5 CE hours. Cost: $35


Professional Associations:  Their role in our professional past, present, and future

Learn how to harness the potential of professional associations, identify those that are relevant and make the most of your investment. Presented by Gio Lester. This webinar is ATA-approved for 1 CE hour. Cost: $35